MOBILIJARUM OF FILM CURATORSHOP is a continuous project of remediation of the archive of Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema and Series for Invisible Cinema featuring multimedia artifacts, texts and documents of programmatic researches for reflection on the strategies of transmission of images, knowledge and memory of the film dispositif in the digital age. The concept of mobiliarium refers to reworking and movement of archival material and performing variable forms of its installation in different contexts (cinema-school-gallery-museum-specific location). In addition to publishing Series of MANIFESTOS and ELLIPSES from the memory of Mobiliarium, the platform introduces artistic residencies within Rhizome of film avant-gardes – a  cartographic research on avant-garde praxes of film curatorship focused on radical pedagogies of artist and curators, and with elements of its historical mobile machine for the pensive spectator – The Invisible Cinema.


The project Mobiliarium of Film Curatorship of art organisation Film-protufilm was

supported by Kultura Nova Foundation in the framework of a programmatic line Support for organisational and artistic memory.


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